Maui Speed Challenge

Think you're fast? Join the GPS Speed Challenge

Details are still fuzzy but apparently there’s a Maui VMax GPS speed challenge in the works for tomorrow. First word of this came from Chris Freeman’s Facebook page and the a little more detail on his blog. Scroll down on his latest blog post to find out more or go check out the Maui Vmax Speed Sailing blog.

Confirmed riders so far include:

Erik Beale

Peter John

Dan Ellis

Chris McNeil

Tom Hammerton

Chris Freeman

In addition to these, a lot of other Maui speed racers often participate in these events including legends like Phil McGain and Alex Aguerra. Wind forecast is promising and the tide forecast in the later afternoon looks good for avoiding the ever-present danger of fins hitting the reef at Sprecks where the event is often held (though there’s no confirmation yet that that’s where tomorrow’s event will be). Feel the need for speed? Keep your eye on Chris Freeman’s blog and the Maui VMax blog for updates.