Quiksilver Cup results, 2014

There was speculation during the week leading up to the July 19 Quiksilver Cup race that officials would run extra heats to make up for some of the previous cancellations. Unfortunately, racing was cut short again, this time by the arrival of the remnants of former tropical storm Wali.

Mens 19

Men’s 19-39: Laurence Carey, Mark Boersma, and Dan Ellis

Mens 40

Men’s 40-49: Peter Slate, Kevin Ozee, and Micah Buzianis

Mens 50

Men’s 50-59: Geof Pease, Mike Yasak, Phil McGain, and Chris McNeil

Mens 60

Men’s 60 and over: Greg Thomas, Todd MacFarlane, Ben Massenburg, and Ted Hunter

Women's Open

Women’s Open: Argentina Jimenez Bonilla and Tamara Bockius at the mark

July 19 wind graph

July 19 race day wind graph (iWindsurf archive)

Download (XLSX, 18KB)

Photos by Harry Wiewel

Meanline Fins Slalom results, 2014

In the Meanline Fins Slalom event of the 2014 Maui Race Series held on July 5, the age group heats finished, but after the lunch break, the wind took a break too. The afternoon sessions (ability classes) were cancelled due to lack of wind and a leaking committee boat. Photos and heat results are below.

Men's 50

Men’s 50: Phil McGain, Mike Yasak, and Chris McNeil

Men's 50

Men’s 50: Geof Pease and Chris McNeil

Men's 60

Men’s 60 and over leaders Ben Massenburg and Todd MacFarlane

Women's Open

Women’s Open leaders Argentina Jimenez Bonilla and Tamara Bockius

July 5 wind graph

July 5 race day wind graph (iWindsurf archive)

Download (XLSX, 20KB)

Photos by Harry Wiewel.

DaKine Classic 2014 cancelled due to lack of wind

The Maui tradewinds can usually be counted on to be strong and nearly constant this time of year, so a cancellation is very rare, but that’s what happened the day the DaKine Classic was supposed to be held.

Buoys on the beach

The buoys stayed on the beach


Racers stayed dry, but kept smiling

Captain Greg

Captain Greg made the best of it

Wind graph June 21

Not enough wind to race (iWindsurf archive)

Photos by Harry Wiewel.